Get a smart landing page for local business
A cafe, restaurant, hookah lounge, co-working, barbershop, beauty salon, bar or pub.
Mobile First development
Your potential customers use mostly mobile devices to search for services.

We take advantage of this knowledge and make our frontend according to the «Mobile First» principle.

That is, we come up with and implement all solutions for mobile, and then adapt them to the desktop.
It's often not the facts that bring a customer in.
A competently conveyed unique vibe of your business works best.

We use all modern web design tools to make the client feel an emotional connection before they even visit.
We'll set everything up
• Connect Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics.
• Set up conversion tracking.
• Connect and set up call-tracking.
• Buy and tie the domain.
• Basic SEO.
We'll make them feel the vibe
Smart landing page and user-friendly QR-menu for $1,500
A turnkey solution designed exclusively for the convenience of your customers.
Smart landing page and user-friendly QR-menu for $1,500
We'll find, bring and retain a client
Within a 5 km radius
The primary audience for local business is people who live, work, or frequently visiting business area.

Internet is the perfect tool to find these people.

We know what tools are mostly effective for that.
We'll interest and bring a client
Find a potential client, of course, isn't enough. It's necessary to establish contact with him.

We use all available channels of paid and free traffic: maps, Google Ads, Facebook, TitTok ads.

Track all leads, calculate the price of attraction.
We'll make
a client loyal
The client was brought in by ads and was satisfied — and even that is not enough. Our task is to bring him in again.

We'll set up retargeting campaigns. Help you build CRM-marketing, collect feedback, and inform about new promotions and events.
Digital marketing plans
➕ Consultation with the senior marketing executive
➕ Google Business SEO
➕ Google Ads creating and optimization
➕ Call tracking

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